No School

I am absolutely loving this no school thing. It’s like an early summer. I feel like if this continues the rest of the week then I can for sure keep my A’s up. I am not about to take a lot of finals. I have five A’s I need to keep them up. I haven’t […]

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Educating Teens

This is dumb. It’s actually pissing me off. Here we are sitting in class and not seeing that car accident. That is a great wake up call for people about drunk driving. Drunk driving is actually a very serious problem. It’s not just OK if you do it and get away with it. If you […]

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Prom Week

Prom week came quickly. A little too quickly actually. Senior year flew by. Senior year has been the best year of my life so far. I go out with friends every night. There’s always something to do and none of it involves school. Now it’s my last big high school event before I graduate. I […]

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Trust Your Instincts

Have you ever just had a bad feeling about something? Like your gut just tells you something’s wrong. Not with your surroundings, but you feel like something isn’t right. You text your boyfriend ask them what they’re doing. You finally get to calling your mom back after six hours. You think you’re wrong and you’re […]

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April 8th

I had such a great weekend. Oh my Gosh I wasn’t excited for the weekend at first because I had to take the ACT. So on Friday night I stayed in. No big deal just watched Greys Anatomy. I woke up early on Saturday and got that bullshit out of the way. I went straight […]

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White to Black

The day started with a rumble and ended with my world in pieces. I arose to a rumble in my stomach, not from pain, but from the butterflies I had fluttering inside me. I knew of today’s potential and waited anxiously for it to begin. White flakes filled the sky, and I soothed my rumbles […]

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Prom Stress

Prom is coming up and I’m so excited. I think this is the most excited I’ve been for a dance. I have a great date and a beautiful dress. Plus this year prom isn’t on my birthday. Last year my date and I had the same birthday on prom! It was one hectic day let […]

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